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I am aching all over..

I am aching all over..

So it is back to books and cameras again. This trimester lasts for eight weeks – I can tell that it is going to be a hectic and hellish one already. It is only the first day of the new trimester and there are already two heavy assignments thrown to us students. People always hate Mondays – I am beginning to hate it too, for I will be absolutely busy rushing here and there attending lectures, which runs from 9am right up until 6pm, with only a one hour break for lunch. The worst thing has got to be getting to head home only on Fridays. You can call me homesick or whatever, but I am irked being in a “so close, yet so far” situation. Home is just forty minutes away, but I still have to spend an extra night here just for a two hour class, which the lecturer mentioned would be a movie session (we are talking about Malaysian Studies here – which would be pretty much Malaysian history, politics which spells b-o-r-i-n-g). Sometimes it makes me wonder if I should have just go for a course at the nearest college available – Sedaya College, to be exact – and be contented walking uphill to get to the college and be done with it, instead of having to rant and grumble about not being home, and having to endure the same food on campus, and paying for accomodation here.

It is not exactly a good way to start a new trimester by waking up to a rainy Monday morning. I was so reluctant to get out of bed, and was covered from head to toe with my blanket. Was also in a middle of a dream too, when the wind was whipping the curtains around madly, and a few drops of rain came in through the open window – somehow, it just hit me that I have not been dreaming much these days. The bad thing about it all is that I cannot even recall the dream now. My memory must be failing me. Perhaps I did not make enough effort to really stick the dream to my mind and try to summon the dreams back after I woke up. Could not afford to be late for class, so I am now left.. dream-less. One less entry to the dream journal, then.

And when night comes, as expected, bugs of all shapes and sizes tend to fly into lighted up rooms after a rainy day – preferbly with helpless females who do nothing but try to swat them around with eeks and arrrghs.

Eek, arrgh!

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