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It's ironic, I'm telling you..

It’s ironic, I’m telling you..

By a stroke of luck, I somehow ended up spending a few minutes back at home. It seemed pretty crazy to me, really – just yesterday I was grumbling about the “so close, yet so far” situation – and two hours ago, I was searching for old magazines at home, to be brought back to uni with me for my design class tomorrow. It did not start out that way, really. My housemate, Yuyin, dropped me an out-of-the-blue invitation to have a brief road trip with her down to town to look around for potential picture-perfect places for our photography assignment. She is a Kedahan, not familiar with the Kuala Lumpur roads – so naturally, I assumed the post of a navigator, along with two other friends we had dragged along for the ride. We ended up trying to decide which route to take, arguing which place to go, cursing whenever we took a wrong turn.

Being a navigator is not easy, I am telling you. Oh, they kept pointing fingers at me: “You should know the roads here” and “I don’t know, that’s why we’re asking you!” while I was protesting that I have not been on those roads before. Well, I am totally clueless when it comes to places at the other side of the state: Petaling Jaya and Kelana Jaya. Driving around at night is not convenient, either – I kept having to look and squint at the ever helpful signboards which seemed to point to all directions, although we had completely lost our bearings.

We did not get lost though, if that was what you had been hoping for. :P I got quite confident when we finally got down to Kuala Lumpur, but Yuyin (the driver) was quite a timid person and she ended up grumbling and sighing with exasperation over the rough, reckless drivers that are rampant in the town centre. My mother had actually called me while we were on the road, and when I replied that I was somewhere in Bukit Bintang, she went, “What are you doing there?!” with a very surprising (not to mention suspicious) note in her voice. Of course, who would have thought I would have gone down to the city anyway. We had been going around circles down in Kuala Lumpur, when stomachs being growling in hunger – and since they could not stand it anymore (I had my dinner earlier) – and that we were on the highway which would conveniently pass by my house – we agreed to stop by the shopping mall nearby. I could kill two birds with one stone, for I had to get the said old magazines from home for class tomorrow.

Later, while I was indulging myself with a McDonald’s sundae from the shopping mall near my place, Yuyin began to tease me again on being so close to home. I could not stay overnight, since I have an early class tomorrow – besides, who is going to fetch me back to uni at such an hour, where school buses tend to hog the roads and office workers are all geared up and ready to go to work in their cars (and that is one car per person)?

Also, sometimes it could get quite intimidating to watch a precious possession being paraded around during class. My photography lecturer was looking around for a fully manual camera, and I had ‘conveniently’ brought mine to class. While talking and giving a briefing as to how we should handle our cameras, she kept shaking it gently on the air, pulling back the advance film lever as easy as pulling loose frays of a rope, pressing the shutter release button over and over again. All the while, I kept cringing at the sorry state of my camera, hoping it would not end up on the floor in a thousand pieces. Things like this have always been happening since school – while describing a cylinder, a teacher would take my pencil box of the same shape and wave it around (then acting nonchalant as a few pencils and pens began to fall off), or reaching for my book and show it to my classmates, then put it back with a thundering bang onto my table. Of course, there would always be a few teachers who would somehow forgot to return the things and they would end up asking for its owner.

Things lent or given away for a short period seem to have to go around in circles before finding its way back to you. It always happens, and I still do not understand why.

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