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Screaming out loud, but none...

Screaming out loud, but none would hear..

Just some random observation: I noticed that some diners carefully remove the green peas from a plate of fried rice. Others might take away the mushrooms in their mushroom soup.

In my case, I tend to pick out any traces of ginger in my food. I wonder if am I the only one out there who removes the egg yolk from the mooncake. “What’s the use of eating a mooncake like that, then? It’s not the same”.

On a totally unrelated note, I think it has been a fairly good year in the music scene so far. For me, that is, since I have been listening to a lot of new music these days, getting to know more bands, witnessing the revival of certain musicians and their latest work. Heck, I think I bought more CDs and downloaded more mp3s than the previous years (hears the word ‘pirate’ being muttered). Then there is the matter of hearing some songs off the radio, but never knowing who wrote the beautiful music because the deejays were not being too helpful – only to go “ooh!” or suddenly feeling enlightened when you realise that you tend to avoid the said music makers (Sugababes comes to mind). I believe the highlight of the year has got to be the release of Coldplay’s second album, A Rush of Blood to the Head – although the debut album Parachutes still reigns as the best (or better) album from the band, so far.

Am not sure why am I in a melancholic mood – but I believe part of it must be due to hair loss season (yes – am getting bald already) and the mounting state of assignments. But Better Than Ezra is doing me good.

By the way, is KaZaA good to use? I have just installed it just so to ease my burden on searching high and low for a certain album, but the p2p software does not seem to help one bit, for I seem to be only downloading the songs at a painstaking rate of 0.01 kilobytes per second – then it just disconnects itself, leaving me with a dejected look on my face.

Expect new music from these bands by next month or so: Third Eye Blind (but gawd, why did Fred Durst have to meddle with their music?). Nine Days. Lifehouse.

However, I think the saddest news has got to be this. Fancy having the Wachowski brothers getting caught up in Hollywood. Seems that every movie has to include sex and romance these days:
Sex heats up: Yes, Neo and Trinity finally do it. The coupling takes place in Zion, where the rebellion’s high command is based and where the troop vessel Nebuchadnezzar, carrying Neo and Trinity, makes a brief stopover. Zion, which is close to the Earth’s molten core, inspires its residents to feverish dancing. As Neo and Trinity make love in a cove of black rock, the sex is intercut with a tribal dance in which, the script says, “sweat, spit and mud fly from the growing fury with the rhythmic slap of naked feet against wet clay.” Let George Lucas top that.
(more major spoilers to the The Matrix sequels here)

The movies are going to be very different now. Rated 18SX? Eep.

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