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I can already foresee that things will not be going that well tomorrow, after all. I am getting the jitters. The last minute announcements makes me feel even more unprepared. Twelve hours is insufficient. Will things ever go according to plan?

The coloured bars jump up and down to the beats of the music. I scanned through the tracks I had included in the playlist. I had forgotten about him, totally.

He reminds me of David Gray – but a certain track had a female launching into opera mode, making me cringe at the sudden change. The rest of the tracks sounded more or less similar to each other. Slow. Acoustic-like. Sleeping pills. Not quite something that makes a good listen on the eve of an important day, for it failed to produce the desired calming effect on me.


Whoa, what is this? Am I listening to the right album from the right person? This is odd. Upbeat. Latin-tinged sounds. Down and dirty. Happy. Apparently ‘Guero’ is no ‘Sea Change’. I should have checked out his earlier albums, perhaps. This new one certainly needs some getting used to… no. Not now.

Skipped, again.

Looks like my current music playlist is not exactly putting me in higher spirits.

I think I will just go back to those guys from Norway.

On air now: Stay Out of Trouble, Kings of Convenience

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