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Did not have a good day today. Ditto for yesterday. It was pretty much spent doing maintenance to the new PC – running Scandisk defragmenting it – only to have it find some bad sectors in my C drive. Guess it is only a matter of time before I say goodbye to the old hard disk.

It was not very encouraging either, to have two people you love most shouting at you within a period of three hours. First, my father exploded because I was not doing things his way, accusing me of bad time management (which seemed pretty ironic, because my friends usually tell me that I manage my time very well) – thundering the whole house down. I left the house in a rage, and foul words kept appearing over and over in my head as I walked briskly towards the bus stop to get a ride down to town (to have my film developed – not to run away, pffft).

I reached home about an hour later, and told my mother about the scolding (who was conveniently away when it happened). She merely nodded, dismissing it as something which is common within the household. Barely fifteen minutes later, she came yelling her head off at me for being too stubborn, for not doing things her way, now. My mother usually keeps her anger in check, but today she was practically shrieking at me – I would not be surprised if her voice could be heard three doors down.

It made me felt very stupid today. So very small, so very useless.

On another note, guitar maestro Santana will be releasing a new album next month – whereby he adopted the previous method to his Supernatural album – that is, enlisting the help of other musicians in his latest album, called Shaman. Heard the new single Game of Love yesterday, in which he collaborated with teen pop rocker Michelle Branch – personally, I did not think it was that bad. An unlikely combination no? But sometimes, it is the strangest thing that makes things work. However, I have a feeling it might turned out to be another Smooth – as in, having radio stations playing the song for the sixty-fifth time in a day, making it very much overrated.

Well, we will see how it goes.

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