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So yeah. Welcome to the fold.

So yeah. Welcome to the fold.

Or not. New layout up. Got bored of staring at the word ‘rebirth’ over and over again on the previous layout. What kind of a rebirth anyway, I pondered. Going to experiment with only two smaller graphics on the top and bottom of the page for a a few future layouts. And yes, it is Rantglass – because that’s how things are. rolls eyes at the corny phrase Really, I do not know how did I ended up with that.

I just do not understand why people fancy making comparisons, and stressing that they are on the good, comfortable side of the fence. So you have got more than five cars. You are well respected. You have a bungalow at a posh area of Kuala Lumpur. And all of your kids graduated from prestigious universities. Does it make you happier to diss another? I think not. I would not want to have young adults as my children who would only wake up after lunch time, who would go around drinking at pubs and crashing their cars (only to have them repaired pronto). I would not want to have a naggy and materialistic wife, who finds joy in scolding the maids and complaining about the servants. We simply cannot have everything we want, in life. So leave your negative and vicious comments about others to yourself, and I will too, to mine. I appreciate your insincerity and sarcasm in calling me a clever girl, too.

Found out that while doing some spring cleaning around the house, my mother has thrown away my second sticker album (managed to recover the first one, though). Well, hey, does that not sound like some girly, sticky and icky stuff to have as a hobby – collecting stickers, that is. So I don’t have more beneficial and ‘intelligent’ activities to indulge in when I was younger – I did not dream of becoming a famous philatelist, or to be a money-minded numismatist. Neither did I want to be a professional ballet dancer or to play the piano as part of an around-the-world orchestra.

Sometimes it is those simple and unimportant stuff that gets you through your childhood – those innocent times, those happy and sad moments, of being young once again. I used to frequent the neighbourhood’s night market and look at the stickers they have for sale, ocassionally bugging my mother to spend a maximum of two ringgit on them to be added to my humble stickers collection. Whenever I go travelling, I would attempt to get some stickers from other countries as uhm, souvenirs. My furry feline stickers from Singapore and a memento sticker from Switzerland must have now been crunched into bits courtesy of the dumpster.

But that was then. When I was still a young child. All that ever revolves around me now are related to music, movies, design, and books.

Can you see yourself fifty years down the road? Will I then be squinting my eyes at trying to read those good ol’ fantasy books? Still rocking to the bands of today, which will be considered as oldies a half decade later? Or will I be watching only Hallmark classics on the television? And worse comes to worse.. what if the fifty years will not exist?

I shall leave you to your own thoughts.

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