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Right back to the beginning..

Right back to the beginning..

It has been a very long time since I last had a good chat with someone who has been given a dutiful task to educate, and share their knowledge to those who are interested to know, and to learn. But come to think of it – I hardly ever have had any long conversation with teachers and lecturers – not to mention those face-to-face ones. So long after the students have emptied the room, I wondered why was I sitting precariously on those blue, office moveable chairs, listening attentively with a friend as the lecturer proceeds to tell us both details of her struggles in life (some which I would deem quite personal) – all the while stressing that her intention is to communicate with her students, and to shower them with whatever knowledge and experience she has.

I am never one to hear much about someone’s life. I believe it has something to do with the shadowy part of me, never wanting to poke a nose into someone else’s business, never wanting to be inquisitive; always preferring to be alone. Sometimes, I could get troubled knowing the personal side of others. Too bad; it could serve as a good way to learn and perfect the art of living, in this cruel world. Other times, it could prove to be an inspiration. This was one of those rare times when I actually enjoyed listening to someone older than me. But the way she has poured out her story to us, and her determination to work her way to the top despite the stereotyping, hard work and various changes she had to go through – had quite an influence on the both of us. She was talking animatedly, but somehow I still managed to detect a pained look whenever she reminisced and talked about those bad times – and I can tell that she was putting on a stoic front for us.

However, it has been a good one and a half hour spent with her. Of course, some lecturers or academicians do not even bother to give you a second glance, given their supposedly ‘hectic’ schedules to rush around for classes – so you cannot expect to have one sitting down to patiently have a chat with the students.

Another issue I cannot resist bringing up is the odd posts and threads I see on most forums (not pointing fingers here; I mean it in general – since I log in to seven different discussion boards in a day). It seems to me that they do lack the proper net etiquette to take part in discussions politely, and with respect. What I read mostly involves back-stabbing, criticising newbies, shameless self-promotion, using profanities.. and it happens even on official boards frequented by people around the world. I am not saying I am perfect – but sometimes it could get pretty annoying reading through interesting topics that would gradually turn into something useless because of those kind of feedback and participation. However, I think the problem is more rampant locally. Such a shame.

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