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It's gonna kill me.

(note: this is an unposted entry of Friday, October 4th, 2002)

It’s gonna kill me. It’s so gonna kill me, yeah.

It has been a very, very dull week. Which is why I have not been updating for days – because there was absolutely nothing for me to talk about. Today is just another ordinary day – but I could not stand staring at the same entry here day after day – so I simply had to add something here, before this humble home of mine on cyberspace begins to stink of stale, unmoving air – just like a crumpled, yellowed newspaper being thrown out of the house, only to catch the attention of one particular lorry who would go sau kau pou chee one day.

Sometimes it gets just so horribly boring, you cannot help but wish that someone would just jump out from a moving van while you are having a night stroll, whisk you away into some underground tunnel, trussed you up like a turkey, then to have the bright lights from a torchlight playing around your face as you blink uncomprehendingly into the darkness. Either that, or a gang of fake, trigger-happy men would invade the campus, just to check on the ability of our lame security guards and beef them up enough to face a situation similar to that (somehow I think they would fail – miserably at that, too.)

Heck, it was just the other day when I was walking down the lane back to my apartment, when I felt something go ‘smack’ onto the back of my neck. For a moment I thought it was some kind of insect – however, I am not an owl, so my head could not turn 360 degrees to have a look at the source. There was a sudden sharp sensation on my back, and I tried to swat whatever thing that was – only to prick myself and have a red finger staring back at me. Odd thoughts began to form on my mind. Perhaps it was a bug that had somehow crawled into my body, right into my system – and I mean ‘bug’ as in, well.. that bug (if you have watched The Matrix). Maybe it was some prickly plant laden with many seeds, which would poison me and make me drop dead within the next few minutes. Or I had been stung by some blue, winged insect which would enable me to breathe underwater, jump from roof to roof without landing splat on my face, or worse comes to worse.. turn me into a blue porcupine.

That was pathetic, but hey, I do not lead a life of a glamorous rock star. My day does not involve dealing with things as bizarre as a Cyclops three-tailed dog; neither do I get to mess around with grenades and shiny revolvers. Fantasies are what gets me going through the day.

There is nothing special about me – I look like a tiny bacteria, not visible to the naked eye, if seen from outer space.

I am just another ordinary girl – with the other 3,835,112,387 ones out there.

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