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Bzzzt bzzt pop pop blop bleep.

Bzzzt bzzt pop pop blop bleep.

So there I was, all geared up to watch Survivor: Thailand, last night. I had been browsing through the Rice Bowl Journals forum earlier, and found out that two regular visitors of the board had failed to catch the series due to work commitments. It seemed to me that it would be an interesting watch. After all, Jason Wade (of Lifehouse) lookalike, Jed Hildebrand was voted out of the series. I know I am pathetic, but you know.. I have grown to quite like the monotonous Jeff Probst. :D

I sat down on the couch, and just as the show began to start, with its song drifting into my ears – I then heard some very loud firecracker-like sounds. I was wondering who would bother climbing over the gate just to play some firecrackers in our garden – and then I realised that the lights were blinking in accordance to the unfriendly sounds. So something was very wrong. I got up, and on instinct, went to check on the fusebox in the garage. A bad burning smell filled the air – and I saw fire flickering near the fusebox.

Proceeded to wake my parents up – and as we were going down the stairs, the electricity went off. We peeked at the fusebox – the fire had diminished. A few other houses also had the power cut off. Power resumed at nearly 3am, when at typical Malaysian time, those folks from TNB stopped by our place almost two hours later than promised. And goodness, they were not a friendly bunch either (but then again, would you be exactly in high spirits at the dead of the night – and having to work, at that too?). It seemed to me the technicians were made up of both apprentices and the knowledgeable ones. “Ni.. yang ni neutral..” (This line is neutral) “Kepala hotak kau! Tadi kata yang kat atas ni neutral!” (What? But you said that the upper one is neutral!) Initially, I had doubts if they would ever finish their job successfully.. but it seemed that all those bickering and brief lessons among the technicians managed to bring the power back anyway.

It is a wonder that whenever something goes wrong in the neighbourhood, only then will we talk and mingle with the other neighbours – in front of our houses, of course. Usually, we would avoid eye contact, or hardly even bother to exchange greetings. Perhaps it is just me, the ever conscious introvert. But then again, how am I supposed to communicate with loud kids who are still going to primary school; or talk to adults who are busy working during the day?

So we learn in Moral studies to plant the semangat kejiranan in ourselves in order to get along well and cooperate with our neighbours. But in the end, nothing changes. Moral studies in Malaysian schools has never been a subject to be taken seriously anyway – we have been learning it the wrong way all these years. There are still bad people out on the streets.

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