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Saving the day. Not.

Saving the day. Not.

Photography assignment coming along very slowly.. and the results are unsatisfactory. Yes, I have not been performing up to expectations – but I never have had a penchant for shooting pictures. I find it a chore to pay countless visits to the photo studio to get my slides developed. The bad thing about it all is that not all photo studios will be able to develop the slides in a day – and there is a limited number of pure slide studios in Kuala Lumpur. My housemate and I went to a slide studio located nearby a local leading design college, and thought that their students have got it easy and convenient there – for it has an art shop, a few other photo studios and the said slide studio right behind it.

I still wonder how would I be like, if I were to set my foot and enrol in a design course in the said college. Everytime I were to think that aloud, my friends would reply nonchalantly; that I would not be dressing up and saying things the way I do, now. However, when I brought that question up today, my friend replied that if I were to study there, we would not get to know each other, and be close friends as we are, now. Do not get me wrong – I have nothing against this college – but I believe that every college has got a different learning environment – and granted, a distinct batch of students. A few of my friends had chosen to study there, and somehow, I find that they have changed, became more bold and daring in terms of their fashion sense and behaviour, too. I had included this college as my uhm, third choice for a place of study – personally, I felt the college was a bit overrated. I passed it off eventually, for this.. isolated desert place I currently am studying at, now – for the namesake of being an actual university. I still possess doubts and ‘what ifs’ – did I make a right choice in coming here? It is not a well known place for design – in fact, it is still considered new – and why do I feel like a white lab rat or furry guinea pig in here?

Funny how the school or college you choose to go to, would later shape you up into a certain individual. I have not met up with any of my ex-schoolmates; so I would not know if to their eyes, have I changed, too.

But then again, I guess that given time, everyone does change. However, not each and everyone of us would change for the better. And even if you were given a chance to do so – would you really want to?

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