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So that's what it's for..

So that’s what it’s for.. also, the return of the ‘on air now’ series – I think.

Am having some amusement looking through the search engine queries that had sadly, led some innocent people to my previous webpage (remember rants.html?). The phrase which came out tops was Sophie Ellis Bextor – and on ocassions, Icewind Dale II (which I have yet to get – and probably never will..).

Was cutting up ivory cards for my fonts assignment the other day – and somehow the blade ended up striking my left index finger instead, drawing blood. It was just a small cut, but it was inconvenient as the wound kept opening up while I was meddling around – to the extent I had to request a plaster from my roommate (I had jokingly replied I was going to stick it on my head when she asked me what did I wanted to do with the plaster – thinking about it now, I seemed to have meant it as sarcasm).

I remember there used to be a sudden alarming trend back in school, whereby students would simply use the plasters on some parts of their body, visible to everyone – on the bridge of their nose, on one side of the cheek – while they proceed to show off the monochrome colours of the zebra like markings of the plaster, its muddy brown and yellow spotted leopard prints, or striking green and orange stripes. A certain company must have just stumbled upon the goldmine of producing these colourful plasters, because everywhere I turned, there was bound to be some students adorned with these plasters. And no, it was not as if they were so careless as to poke themselves on the face with the sharp point of a pencil – it was unnecessarily stuck just for fun.

Me? Have never bought those plasters – only the normal, boring, orange Hansaplast.

By the way.. have you guys heard of a new planet called Quaoar found by scientists recently (although it was never lost)? Time to rewrite the science and astronomy books, perhaps. While the local academicians have troubled themselves renaming the planets in Malay, I wonder what are they going to call this new little thing (the name itself has already proven difficult to be pronounced). It is not easy to recall which is Zuhrar (Venus), Zuhal (Saturn) or Utarid (Mercury). Oddly enough, they prefer to confuse and amuse us all by inventing new Malay words like kayu ria (joystick – love this one, because when literally translated, it seems to imply a ‘happy wood’), tetikus (mouse – oh, how cute), jalur lebar (broadband).

So excuse me while I put my kad bunyi (sound card) to full use and blast off some songs..

On air now: God Damn Me, Filter (Amalgamut, 2002)

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