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They turn up in full force, diligently extending a helping hand to their loved ones. “Here, I’ll do it for you”, and he takes over, no questions asked. I know not whether to feel amused by the sight, or feel pained that I do not have that someone by my side.

“Do you need my boyfriend to help you with that?” A coursemate asked me as I fumbled a little while trying to stick a board to the wall. My height was deterring me from doing a perfect slam dunk.

“No, I’m fine,” I replied. The words ‘my boyfriend’ rolled off so easily from her lips. Haha. That sounded really weird, coming from her.

The room now looks like a war zone – I cannot wait to go home. A broken record keeps playing over and over again in here. I can understand the urgency, but her antics are nearly driving me crazy. Even I am getting tired of repeating myself. Roommates: you either live with, or without them. Usually, it will have to be the former.


The sleeves of my shirt are rolled up. The lights are off, and I am typing in the dark. Through my headphones, it feels like Damien Rice is strumming his guitar right next to me. Shit. There is something about his music that makes my heart go all aflutter. This is just not right.

Or maybe it is right after all, for I am numb. I am tired and sore all over. A burden has been lifted off me, and my efforts paid off. I think so, yes. However, there is always the feeling that I could have made it somewhat better. I should have done it this way. Or like that. Would not have hurt to have added a little bit more. But that was yesterday; I will have to look ahead from now on.

I hope I have already secured a ticket out of here.

On air now: Eskimo, Damien Rice

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