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Dear Me, what have you done?

Dear Me, what have you done?

I just realised how awfully selfish have I been. While I am here, ranting about a failed assignment and trying to swat off a certain green bug which keeps hovering around me, the other parts of the region are focused on playing guessing games with the terrorists, as to where the bombs would strike next; medics might still be looking through fallen bricks and blackened buildings looking for survivors, ocassionally stumbling on a broken limb or two; a young child, thin as a rake, may be queuing up only to get a small, measely bowl of rice, with a brown, infertile land behind him.

Let me not think about it anymore, please.

Also, was awakened this morning by the ring of my cellphone, to the voice of a good friend all the way from the States. It has been the second time she has been placing a long distance call to me. Seems that both of us are having trying times in our studies.

I think I need to do something more productive. Like trying to figure out if the newly bought battery is really working on my cellphone.

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