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We are just so different.

We are just so different. You get more; I get nothing.

These days, I feel as if I am working towards nothing. All my long term missions and objectives seemed to have just dissipated. Now, I am merely hoping to get through the day, doing just enough, be satisfied about it and ultimately set aside everything else that matters; being too tired to care or even lift a finger to. The next photography assignment sounded pretty heavy – okay, maybe it IS heavy – which is all the more reason why I should start working on it early. However, I seem to be pushing it further away into the back of my head and not wanting to give a damn about it. The only consolation, perhaps, would be it being the very last photography assignment for the year.

Difference of opinions. Unagreeable issues. As much as I do not like it, I guess it is only natural for it to happen. After all, who would want to live in a world where everyone else follows each other, saying yes all the time? Conformity? We would all be very much like the next person, all with the same personalities and beliefs. The term ‘opinion’ and ‘judgement’ would not really exist in anyone’s dictionary. On the other hand, if agreements were easily reached, sad and painful events such as war and bombs might not happen, and the dream of having a perfect and peaceful world would be realised without encountering any sort of difficulties at all.

There seems to be always two sides to everything; the good and the bad; the pros and cons; the right and the wrong. Choices, that is what they are – to choose where you stand; and to divide us all. It happens that all of us are not born to agree and bob our heads to every single thing in question – so what else should be good enough to keep us together would be respect. To appreciate others’ thoughts and views. To show consideration and to know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

The trimester is nearing an end – there is still almost four weeks to go before I get to really stuff my camera into the closet for good – and before I get to fly off to some other country for a well-deserved break – I hope. The world is just not safe anymore; perhaps it never was.

I need a new layout.

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