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Trying to mellow down...

Trying to mellow down; things are heating up. Take. Pills.

1) Haircut: Nope.
2) Get clothes deemed as ‘presentable enough to fit into the wedding atmosphere’: Nope.
3) Shoes to go with the clothes: Nope.
4) Wedding Gift: Nope.

Well, heck. I just had my haircut in late September and now, barely two months has gone by and I am told to go for another trim – seems that I look like some hideous monster with my supposedly unruly hair (which has not reached my shoulders), and it might scare off some other wedding guests. Money and time to be spent going down to town to sit on one of those black chairs in one of the busiest and most polluted areas in town, and trust the hairdresser to fix up my hair so it would not look like a cuckoo’s nest.

Then, I am supposed to spend a few hours, not to mention a few cool bucks, hunting around in a shopping mall for some nice, presentable clothes – and a pair of shoes – preferbly with heels – to go with it, so that I would look more, er, feminine. My mother was already grumbling, saying I would have to be sent to some grooming course to save myself.

So, in the end, I would have to have spent about a good five to six hours trying to uh, make myself ‘presentable’ – after having fork out a few hundred bucks for it all. And for what? To attempt to sit through a wedding dinner, which would probably only last about four hours. And gee, it is not even my wedding to begin with!

Somehow, it seemed so unnecessary. I guess I am just one of those people out there who do not bother much about hyped up events in the family. I already know I possess a bad taste in fashion.. so that might explain the fact why there is hardly any worthy attire in my wardrobe. But there is no way I am going to resort to buying Cleo or some other women’s magazine every month, and start frequenting every facial beauty booth in sight, to buck myself up.

Oh, and I might get to skip a day’s class – because of the wedding, again. Pfft.

Moving on. Does it look bad to have a guy waiting under the scorching sun for a girl, after having taken a ten-minute-walk from the apartments off campus to the place where the girl lives – and then, to walk her to class (that might take up another five minutes), before proceeding to his own class? I thought it made a bad picture – and it happened not just once. It could get pretty uneasy to see the same guy waiting for the same girl everyday. I do not know, but perhaps that is what happens when someone is in love – willing to spend time kicking over small pebbles while waiting, sweating out in the hot sun and hiking small mountains for his or her object of desire (I have not the experience, so do not ask). However, it seems to me that guys are almost always the ones doing the waiting; while the girl stumbles to prepare herself to meet her beau. Guys are not made to wait, are they? After all, they are not the ones having to put on make-up..

Such powers it could bring; this thing called love.

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