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It's already November.

It’s already November.

I was merely stating the obvious, but heck. It is already November! They say time really flies when you are having fun. However, I was not basking in the sun on the beaches of Hawaii, or skiing the high mountains on the Alps. In fact, I was not having fun at all. Frying my eyeballs creating my own font in front of the computer, waiting to shoot photos of something interesting that would supposedly, tell a story (photo-journalism is certainly not my type, thank you – and whoever invented the phrase ‘A picture tells a thousand words’ will not be highly admired by yours truly), and wham! Two whole weeks have gone by, at a blink of an eye. At least I do not croak like a frog, still. Skipped two classes on Friday just to escape from indulging in more talking and long conversations. Will still need quite some time for my voice to get back to normal. I now seem to sound like an in-between – between a frog and a normal person, mind you.

I reckon I will not be exactly looking forward to this weekend, though. One thing for sure is that, well – the stuff they have in Metrojaya seem to appeal to me more. Therefore, I can now safely scratch two items needed for the upcoming wedding dinner from my to-do list. Dress and shoes for the event has been successfully secured. Comments on my hair arised again – but it was eventually solved by the use of hair gel – although I heard it would not be really beneficial to hair. Some said it would pose to be a threat, making it unhealthy. Well, I am not going to endure the whole process of getting a haircut just for a three-hour dinner – so gel would be the solution at the moment. Thoughts of getting a wedding gift have been permanently extinguished from my brain – what with the many things I am busy and occupied with these days.

This place is hardly updated; I feel bad neglecting it. But no can do. It did not seem right for me to paste up a page here the next day, with words in bold and red saying “On Hiatus”, or “Getting in Touch with Reality”. Actually, reality is pulling me apart and breaking me to bits and pieces, so there.

I wish I could write more, but I could not. I wish I have something to write about, but I do not. Unless you really want to hear me talking about my assignments for the next two weeks or so.

By the way, a new Malaysian forum has just popped up on the net. If you are interested in discussing the local happenings and events, exchanging view and opinions with fellow Malaysians, head on to SuaraMalaysia.com.

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