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Are things getting worse, or have...

Are things getting worse, or have they already?

Ooh, another rejection – this time in the form of our own designed font assignment. I wonder if waiting for four hours for him to have a look at my assignment was justified. As expected, mine didn’t meet up to his mark. Did not put any high expectations for it, what with my previous photography assignment being rejected – somehow I have braced myself for this one. Anyhow, only a total of 12 out of 120 odd students managed to successfully submit their font assignment today – I guess I should not be feeling way too bad about it. I should not be surprised at myself for not feeling so down in the dumps because of it – after all, I have many other stuff in my mind to worry about.

Sometimes things can get so weird. I am blaming it on coincidence again. While walking down the path leading to my apartment during the evening, I saw a girl and two other friends going up the same path. She looked really familiar and I could recognise her face from the webcam picture she put up on her blog. Her name came into my mind instantly, but I managed to stop myself from blurting it right into her face – although I could not keep myself from staring at her. After all, I could be mistaken – she might not be the person I was thinking of. Oddly enough, just as we past each other, she mentioned to one of her friends that she was going to write about some event that happened to them earlier, onto her blog later.

I felt so weird after hearing that. It soon became another case of a ‘too close, yet so far’ situation. I did not call after her, though. If we were to bump into each other next time, I doubt I would ever say anything. But then again, I hardly smile, wave or nod to people I know only by name – which is bad, of course. I keep so much to myself, I know it is going to pull me down one day. Already people are starting to label me as ‘fierce’ and ‘cool’ – just because I do not talk much, and give short answers to questions asked. It never crossed my mind that a person as harmless (snort) as yours truly would exude an air of ferocity and hostility. So they say you cannot judge a book by its cover.

Life is hellish, at the moment. Wonder if I will make it through and emerge still sane and alive by May 2003. One thing for sure is that I will be coming out of it a changed person – and hopefully, for the better, too.

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