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It's the weekend, but I...

It’s the weekend, but I don’t think it brings any meaning to me now.

Normally I do not hold a grudge against people who sit on a staircase – provided if they are intelligent enough to make way for bypassers. I encountered three inconsiderate people sitting on the narrow staircase, thus hogging the way, while I was going down the apartment block the other day. I thought they would kindly shrink back and at least provide a bit of space for me to go through – instead, they did not move an inch, and were busy discussing among themselves. I tried to utilise the tiny space fully, while muttering an ‘excuse me’ but it seemed that my words went unheeded. I supposed the words had came out under my breath while trying to do a balancing act and attempting to stabilise myself through the narrow space available. I might as well be some invisible spirit trying to squeeze through them – after all, they did not even give me as much as a quick glance when I was approaching them. Annoyance crept into me, and I half wished I could push them all down like toy soldiers. In the end, I leaped two steps down to avoid stepping on their feet and landed with a loud banging slap courtesy of my sandals. I wished they got the messages I was trying to send them – that is, to forever implant on their small brains that the staircase did not belong to them, and two – to practise some social etiquette and place some respect for others.

I think they would have received the messages clearer if I were to step on their toes – and I mean it literally. Perhaps a hard swish of my arm while brushing through them would help too. I just could not understand how uncaring and indifferent some people could be. If three people would not even give space for others to walk through, I do not think I should expect another three thousand people to do so. After all, there are billions of people living in this world – unfortunately, we are all not angels – and that is why we are laden with so many problems and troubles.

As the year nearly comes to an end, I am bombarded with advertisments and posters of the movie I had been anticipating – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Aragorn looks so fine :). I am reminded of the mini movie marathon I had last year – to which I watched five movies in December 2001. However, I am quite interested to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets too – the only reason being that it was the only book to the series I have not read (I have books 1, 3 and 4). The first movie was a bit of a disappointment for me – I thought it had strayed much from the book and had somehow lost its essence. Therefore, I hope to watch the second movie without any prior knowledge of the story whatsoever, and try to judge the movie from there – although I heard it would be darker and creepier this time around.

Wow, it is nearly 2003. We are heading closer to Zion. Woohoo!

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