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The last time I did this was more than a year ago, scouring the newspapers and online job recruitment websites for a company – any company – that would be willing enough to permit a young trainee to wreak minor havoc in the workplace for fourteen weeks. Fourteen weeks only mah. Tolerance. Patience. It would soon come to an end, to the benefit (or not) of both parties. After that, it would be goodbye.. and good riddance.

Now, it is going to be somewhat different. In my mind looms the dreaded possibility that the interviewers will be much more stricter this time around than the chatty and welcoming ones I encountered previously. This could mean going down two long corridors before coming to a big, heavy door, which would creak agonizingly when opened, giving the impression that one is entering a cheap, haunted house that collects one ringgit as the entrance fee. A lone chair is positioned at the centre of the room with a spotlight hanging right above it, creating a halo effect of sorts on the well-carpeted floor. Up ahead, a long table is completely clean except for five hot mugs of coffee, as evident by the swirls of vapour circling it. Then came a series of attempts to clear your throat, which came out sounding worse than a mouse’s terrified squeak of horror. One of the five silhoutte figures beckons you to your seat with nothing more than a swish of a hand, as you then realized that you had been captivated by the breathtaking view of the city from the 82nd floor of the office building for a full minute. Back to staring hard at your shoes and wondering, of course, when you will be able to exit the room with your integrity and sanity fully intact.

So yeah, I was exaggerating.

But it could be better than going up to the second floor of a shoplot with no proper signatures to guide you, only to comprehend the gravitiy of the situation later on – that the company does not even have a proper office for its daily operations. If they have no money to rent a proper office, how do you expect them to pay you in time?

And so it is that I find that I am becoming more picky when it comes to getting a job – because I expect to be able to work well with them for more than a mere fourteen weeks.

Or am I just being too careful?

If this goes on, sooner or later I might be added to the unfavourable statistics – that of being an unemployed graduate, which has been the talk of the town lately.

On another note, I have just been conned by a Streamyx reseller into subscribing for the broadband service. Damn it.

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