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So yeah, gotta bear with it.

So yeah, gotta bear with it.

Back from the much talked about wedding dinner feeling a bit uh, intimidated by the beautiful bevy of ladies in their evening wear, and the gentlemen in their smart black suits. I got reprimanded by my father for hiding in the corner. Well, what else can I do there then? I have hardly seen 95% of those people present for the dinner yesterday – anyhow, they were all busy milling around complimenting everyone else and having brief conversations. I was staring down at my high heels and wondering for the umpteenth time how did I ever get conned into wearing the newly bought pair of shoes. Before we left for the dinner, my mother was already sighing and wondering aloud when would I ever dress up, with makeup and all – like a real lady. My aunt, who was staying over for the weekend, nodded her agreement. I missed out on most of the ceremonies and events held before the dinner (and the opportunity to receive some ang pows) because I was still in the midst of completing my assignments – and when I finally showed up at their house very much later, I was given disapproving looks from my relatives.

Anyhow, the dinner was a rather big affair, which doubles as a massive get-together. I mean, it is not everyday you were shown around to people you do not remember and have not seen for a very long time since your toddler years and sucking-out-of-the-milk-bottle days. At least that was what my mother was telling those people, and having them reply “Oh my, you were carrying her around the office when she was still a baby – and she is nineteen now?” besides the occasional “Your daughter has grown very tall”. All the while, I could only manage a helpless smile and a polite nod.

The only thing I enjoyed was the bridal photos exhibited on the screen during the dinner. Somehow I felt all warm and fuzzy inside looking at how the newly weds were enjoying themselves taking their bridal pictures – how innocent and beautiful they were, and their smiles so genuine and radiant, I have no doubt that it might even light up the night sky. It seems that they have known each other since childhood – and it is indeed such an amazing thing to have their relationship blossomed to love after all these years.

On another note, I hope this will be a good week for me. There is only one last assignment to hand up (which will have to be scanned thoroughly by him, again) – and I really hope to get it all done with as soon as possible. Crossing my fingers, and my toes.

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