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Finally. It's all over and done with.

Finally. It’s all over and done with.

Currently, nothing could be better than a desperately needed (and hopefully well-earned) four-day break – before the exams next week. Am thankful that both my black and white visual storytelling photograph and a group project of doing a creative product shot has been successfully submitted, therefore there is no need for me to reshoot and spend another weekend on doing it all again. Do not need to waste my time walking around aimlessly in the city, devilishly hoping for accidents and arrests from unsuspecting and unfortunate civilians. Best of all, there is no more need for visits to the photo shop, and having to spend money on developing any pictures and films – all of which has burnt a rather large hole on our pockets.

I had been taking the bus down to KL to get my pictures. Fearing the sky would open up due to the dark clouds visible overhead, I resorted to avoid being drenched on my way to the bus stop by going down to town five hours before the pictures were due to be ready. With so much time to kill, I found myself browsing unnecessarily in a bookstore and ended up stopping by at the photo shop three times – earlier from the certain time promised by the shop owner. I somehow found myself staring at a particular green cafe and went in, ordering a hot cafe mocha. It was rather pointless to make out which drink was which, since I knew nothing at all about it. I actually chose to have a cafe mocha based on the fact that it sounded better than the rest of the choices available. Slowly sipping the hot drink and looking out into the rainy evening as others walked around briskly or scrambled for cover. Big drops of water landed splat splat on the pavement. Bus passengers looking out with stony expressions. Cars and trucks roaring away, leaving a cloud of dust.

I wondered what made me pay eight bucks for the drink. Must be the loneliness I felt at that moment – wanting to do something as long as I am doing something, instead of walking around in circles.

Oddly enough, the few people who phoned me were amazed I was down in the city alone. Seems that I have given an impression that I am quite helpless. Learning to be independent? That is what I have always been working on – but, I do not know if did it yield any good results.

Little did I know that my roommate has been sitting in a nearby McDonalds all by herself for five hours too. We should have met up and kept each other company during those long, unproductive hours. A lot of things had went through my mind. It could get unnerving to note that all we can ever do when we are not occupied is think and ponder about anything possible.

I guess it all happened because my parents are away in China for vacation. I do not think it would turned out to be this way if they were around. A house, empty most of the time – and only to myself.

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