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Sometimes, the only way is the wrong way.

Sometimes, the only way is the wrong way.

Could it really have been a petty argument? I still could not figure it out. We may or may have not completely resolved our problems through the instant messenger client. At least we are trying to put it behind us. It would not be that easy though, since three people are hurt by the brief exchange of words, which, it seems, no one had meant to utter. All due to anger, frustration, disappointment for each other.

Some people say arguments and disagreements tend to force us to reevaluate and review relationships thus, bringing us closer together. Ugly elements tend to pop up. Uneasy silence lingers in the air. Things will never be the same ever again. Will it all work out nicely in the end?

So many times have I been deceived, I know not whether if the phrase is really valid: true friends. After so many years and after this recent squabble, I have come to realise that there could be no such thing. Now where have all my old posts regarding friends go to.. it is time to add this one into the list. Could it all have been for the better, or for worse? I still do not believe it is worth it to jeopardise a two-year-old friendship because of some words none meant to say.

It just simply is not worth it.

But after all that, we come to the realisation, and it dawned on us – the cause of it all. We know where the problem lies, since it happens again and again.

It is me. I am the cause of all unhappiness in friendships. Blame me. And you wonder why am I antisocial. So stay away.

Leave it all behind; break.

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