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One is the loneliest number.

One is the loneliest number.

Have you ever seen a couple arguing?
I am sure we all have.

Have you ever seen a couple arguing, tears flowing and voices raised?
I am sure we all have.

Have you ever seen a couple arguing, tears flowing and voices raised – and you, as the third party, are the source of the argument itself?
I am sure not all of us have.

And I am most disgusted to have to answer yes to all three questions. A most ugly sight. I could not do much, but sensed it would be very much better for me to try to make myself invisible and shut up – so call me a coward if you will. But am very glad that they eventually made up. It is a wonder what stress could do to an unsuspecting individual, transforming a rather quiet and respectful guy into an unreasonable, loud and stubborn monster of a person, not listening to others and insisting that only he himself is always right.

I can only hope that it will not ever happen again.

Yesterday would have been a rather good day if not for that incident. I had a chance to relieve some of my childhood experiences of playing the piano. Back then, there was only the piano, with the usual monochrome colours of the black and white keys. Now, there are digital pianos which could play music by its own, accompanied by various rhythms and beats. Listened to the students preparing for their piano practical exams next week, practising their skills and trying to improve themselves. I had a sudden urge to play the piano again – which I have not touched for as long as six years. Looking at the children hurrying about and playing their tunes, somehow makes me feel ashamed of myself.

Well, we cannot have everything in life.

On air now: What You Like, Darren Hayes (Spin, 2001)

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