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Catch the sun before it's gone.

Catch the sun before it’s gone.

Was unexpectedly dragged to a concert, although I protested and said that I was not interested in it.

It was not that bad after all. Her strong, beautiful voice serenaded the audience; and I admire how the musicians banded together and played their instruments as one inseparable unit. Without one of the instruments, the rhythm would change completely and exude a different sound and feeling altogether.

Introducing the Dama Orchestra and Tan Soo Suan: Fragrance Of The Night. I know my friends would give me an odd kind of look and stared at me for clarification – because they would know that it would be so unlike me to go for it. Which is why I should keep my mouth shut, lest they would pester and tease me for life.

Once in a while, the spotlight would be shining on me whenever the singer hovered near me – and I wished that the ground would swallow me up or something. It would seem that everyone else was looking at me too. Solid evidence that I will never do well performing in front of an audience. Scratch a potential career off my list.

In a way, encores in concerts have become quite fake, so predictable, not sincere anymore. Either that, or it was meant to be that way (excuse me, but I have been to only two concerts so far). Everyone would applause although she disappeared behind the curtains – and reappear like, ten seconds later – although the band had not budge from their places at all. In the end, she did three so-called ‘extra’ songs – before she and the whole band went backstage for good. But that was not to say that the last few songs were done hurriedly – heck, it seemed to sound even better. Perhaps they were encouraged by the fact that they will finally get to wrap up and went for tea.

Hm, I should not be complaining. After all, I got front row seats.

On air now: Catch The Sun, Doves (Lost Souls)

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