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Funny like I'm a clown.

Funny like I’m a clown.

This is scary. I think I am taking things a wee bit too easy. I haven’t studied for my final examinations, and two weeks from now is not really that far off. I do not have a job, unlike the others who have already received invitations to join back their previous companies where they did their internship a few months ago. I am still trying to avoid counting the chickens before they hatch, but temptations are temptations.

In fact, I still do not have a definite direction to go to. The gravity of the situation has not exactly settled in, so I continue to hover here and there. In any case, I have been diligently looking through the papers for a suitable job… inconscpiciously. I dread being caught by my mother doing exactly that because I do not want to see her grinning like a Cheshire cat next. And so I loudly proclaim that I need a break from work. After having dealed with assignment after assignment, I wanted desperately to just have some time for myself.

Read books (that I have yet to get). Listen to the radio after a long, long while (only to find I did not miss much – but Deborah Gibson is back and it sends me into fits of giggles just thinking about it). Get started on Project Green Code – The Mini Marathon (soon, I keep promising myself that). Guitar lessons (but I misplaced my Kings of Convenience tablatures). Take pictures (there are hardly blue skies, although the friendly garden lizards do appear every now and then).

Excuses, excuses.

So what have I been doing for the past few days? Re-playing Icewind Dale 2 – which I failed to finish previously because I forgot to save the saved game folder during The Great Reformat(ation) Period. Truly the gravest mistake a gamer can make. The thing about CRPGs is that sometimes it is just a bit too tiring to play it twice. I now go through the motions in a zombie-like mode, trying to quickly return to the part where I left off. Thank goodness for walkthroughs.

Do that for the whole week, however, and you are bound to attract serious stares from the powers that be.

“Have you looked for a job yet?”
“Your exams are two weeks away but I do not see you studying.”


We can never well and truly have a well deserved break for ourselves, can we?

Apparently not. The only way to do that is to drop everything. That, I cannot afford.

(Sure, it is April Fool’s Day – and yikes! I cannot believe that the surge in numbers on visitors to Rantglass today is due to Google searches on pranks and tricks to be played on unfortunate ones. I guess the joke is on them anyway, because I have nothing here. So.)

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