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If you think you're wrong, then think again.

If you think you’re wrong, then think again.

So I was walking briskly towards Tower Records to make full use of the one hour I was given to spend there. A girl dressed in blue was walking towards me, and she looked quite familiar, giving me an odd kind of look – the I think I know her and I think it IS her kind of look. Well, pretty embarassing for me to confess that her name had somehow escaped my mind. We stopped and began greeting each other, while I fidgeted uncomfortably, trying to recall her name – but managed to only remember one syllable to her name (like that helped a lot). Finally, I had to blurt out: “Shit, I don’t remember your name.” What was more embarassing was that she did remember my name and I wished that I could have just disappeared into thin air there and then. We exchanged quick news about each other and a minute or two later, we parted ways.

Perhaps I should not have mentioned right to her face that I forgot her name. That was like pointing out that she did not button up all the buttons to her shirt (and no, not a fashion statement here), making her feel naked – naked without a name. And they often asked, “What’s in a name?”. But then again, I was being honest and gee, truth hurts, at times. Saying that made me feel like an idiot, and I guess I could not blame her if she could be found giggling with her friends not too far behind me, discussing my forgetfulness and stupidity at having not remembering a schoolmate’s name after having not met each other for only two years.

Six hours later, after racking my brains, I finally found her name (although there is no point to it anymore), hidden in some secluded, dusty area at the back of my head. Where the high school memories lingered. Where the high school memories tend to surface every now and then. Where the high school memories should have stayed buried in the first place.

But that would mean not remembering the names of any of my ex-schoolmates who will cross my path one day, and further sending me into the dark realms of ignorance. Did my memory failed me, or does this happen to everyone else? Tell me I am normal.

Did not manage to get the CD I was looking for in the record store. However, I paid for two computer games I had been longing to buy – and to which both somehow refused to work on my computer. Pfft.

On air now: Rise, Doves (Lost Souls)

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