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You could be the only one left...

You could be the only one left in your own little world.

I was typing this entry for yesterday when the electricity got cut off. Pfft. Typing it for the second time around does not seem that natural nor sincere anymore. But anyway.

I thought I could stay true to my own words of not touching the camera for a long period of time. Imagine my horror when I was told to be a photographer for an hour. I declined the request but had to back down eventually, when my father began another round of his lectures – to utilise what has been given to you, to take the opportunity to improve one’s self, to not let an event go to waste, blahblahblah. Not long after that, I found myself trying to take pictures of kindergarten kids jumping around onstage, dancing to the music, teasing and laughing at each others’ antics.

They would cover their faces to denote shyness. They had bright smiles on their bewildered, though excited faces. They enjoyed the applause and cheers from the audience. Heck. They looked so innocent.

And I was scrambling to get offstage, clutching my teddy bear tightly. But that was fifteen years ago.

Was surfing and reading some other blogs when I noticed that one particular website done by a young girl had one of her blog entries getting about eighty comments (and the number is still increasing). I did not know how can she garner up to that amount of comments although she was only talking about her preparations for Christmas (okay, so Wil Wheaton can easily top that number of comments). True, everyone around the world should be gearing up for Christmas by now – unlike us Malaysians, who have somehow been reprimanded for not focusing on the Hari Raya celebrations which comes around next week. Elsewhere, people are pulling out their dusty Christmas trees, cleaning up the house, buying twinkling decorations and hanging up the mistletoe for lovely couples to kiss under it.

Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked to read at the comments – only to see that most people responded not by telling her about their Christmas preparations – rather, they were complimenting her looks and oogling at her latest piercings. I looked again, and noticed she has put up links leading to other two websites – where she would put up pictures of particular parts of herself uncovered – okay, undressed.

I have come across discussions, whereby people will talk about how girls with hourglass figures, pretty faces, and a devious personality to boot – will have more hits to their website. I thought I would never bring myself to believe that the statement might be true; but now, I think I do. I am not green with envy; neither am I feeling disgruntled. It is just that I feel that it does not seem so right for one to have unsincere visitors to her website. Looks can be deceiving; do not judge a book by its cover. But naturally, of course – people are more attracted to a person with smooth features of a model’s, then going for one who has scars and wrinkles all over.

I think I need to get a haircut.

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