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Tidal waves, radio waves, heck.

Tidal waves, radio waves, heck.

She stretched herself, gave me a few blinks, and got off the sofa.

Then she told me that she had a dream of a shootout that happened in a place I was familiar with. But she did not elaborate more. Clearly, she seemed distressed and was feeling uneasy about it. I did not pursue her on the matter. It seemed that my mind was suddenly attacked by a rush of cold water, jolting me up, making me alert and thinking furiously. What? Did she just said she had that dream too? But I did breathe a word about that to her. Could she have somehow stumble upon my website? It cannot be. Are we closer than we think? Do we share something more than what we already have?

I did not tell her about that dream of mine which I had written here – about two posts back (dated 28 November, 2002) – until today, when we were on the phone:

You know the dream you said you had yesterday?
Yes, did something happen?
No, nothing happened. It’s just that.. I uh, had the same dream the other day. About the shootout.
Realllly?? another phone rings at the background I’ll call you back later, we’ll talk more about that.
Uhm, sure.

Have not talked to her about it yet, after the brief phone conversation – although I am very interested to know what happened in her dream. But to think we are on the same wavelength.. or was it pure coincidence? That we share similar dreams within a period of five days?

Am currently feeling like a little kid eager for a lollipop. I want an answer to this. Although I feel naked discussing dreams with someone else. Heck, perhaps it is a dangerous premonition of some sort and something will happen – or it is just that I have sniffed too much glue and began to think of odd stuff given my absolutely wild imagination, when it is actually harmless and nothing is going to happen. At all.

Actually, I think this does not happen to only me, out of the billions of people in this world. Did anyone else go through this?

But then again, I have not really given a thought to those quick and seemingly normal situations whereby I would know what she was going to ask, and I would end up saying “I know you were going to say that” first, before actually answering her question. I must be weirder than I think, haa.

On another note, I was going to upload the next layout – until I realise that the current one has only been up for a mere two weeks or so. Will wait until next week.

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