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It happens. It does.

It happens. It does. So don’t bother.

Would you have found so much entertainment from watching other couples bickering on the television, pretty girls being too whiny, good-looking guys acting too macho for their own good? But then again, the faces that grace the television must have rather ‘presentable’ features to attract viewers and not scare them off, in case their marketing ploys do not work and viewership takes a deep plunge. Am not talking about soap operas.

Reality-based game shows – like Survivor V and The Amazing Race 3.

It has come to a point whereby the participants’ looks come into play as well – and possibly, the fans supporting their favourite contestant – which, of course, has to fit into the gorgeous hunks and babes categories. Or not.

Nevertheless, I find these shows rather interesting. We snicker as an elderly couple argue hotly with each other, jeopardising relationships. We find ourselves rooting for the guy who gets bullied by his fellow female partner, putting up with her nagging and crybaby act. We cheer for the young man who has a clean record throughout the game, although he is already the owner of two sedans and probably will not need the prize money as badly as the others. We roll our eyes when the bitchy lady speaks up on her way of playing the game when she appears on screen.

It is always these type of shows that expose the contestants’ vulnerability and helplessness; the dark, hidden part of themselves – of how they tend to transform into a monster when they cannot suppress their anger at not successfully achieving their goal, or shrink into a whimpering toddler when they have to confront their fear of doing bungee jumping for the first time without any prior experience – all for the sake of a cool million bucks.

As the series draws to a finale, we notice that the lovey-dovey couple which started out convincingly as a strong team might just end up as being mere friends – or even enemies – albeit a shaky endeavour to patch up their relationship. Individuals will emerge with confidence, having garnered experience, thus becoming more wise and knowledgeable.

However, the most deserving ones do not always win. Quite a shame, really.

Anyway, just uploaded this new layout – to make up for a week-long absence beginning tomorrow. Yes, I will be jetting off somewhere – hopefully, my bouts of airsickness will not be so bad as to spoil the whole trip. I will not be updating Rantglass while I am elsewhere; so you need not expect anything new. Guess I shall see you again next Tuesday.

On air now: Amsterdam, Coldplay (A Rush of Blood to the Head)

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