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And it continues..

And it continues..

From the December 4th 2002 entry:

As you approached his house, you slowly took out your gun and fingered it nervously. I’ll finish the bloody scum once and for all. The words ‘kill the person you hate most’ echoed in your mind. You remembered the encounter with the cloaked stranger had ended with you saying yes, giving him a defiant look that had somehow jolted him back. He had nodded, his eyes twinkled, and tossed a million bucks and a gun to you. “You will get the remaining cash after you finish the job”, he had said in the same raspy voice. You nodded slowly, then both of had parted ways, walking out of the dark alley and into the starless night.

Aah. Your target was sitting on his armchair, oblivious to the danger before him. You walked into the house, approaching him cautiously, your gun inching towards his forehead. He looked up and immediately, his face was etched into an expression of absolute horror. “Why?” he moaned.

You paused, and wondered again if you should proceed with the plan. “Because I hate you enough to do it,” you simply replied coolly.

“But.. I’m your father! The father you never knew you had.. and I didn’t want to tell you.. ” (cue Star Wars theme) his voice drifted away from your ears, since you were shocked by his words. Your mind began to race furiously, and you could not decide if you would want to finish the job now, or spare the life of the person who claimed to be your long lost family member.

So. Are you going to change your mind?

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