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Back, at last, on good ol' Malaysian soil..

Back, at last, on good ol’ Malaysian soil..

.. and missed two classes in uni today. Heck, it is the start of a new trimester and already I am skipping classes. Surely that does not sound right.

Anyhow, my short vacation was not too bad – except for my bouts of airsickness which I still experience now, back on the ground. Things seem to be spinning and blurring my vision ocassionally, and my head feels heavy, wanting me to drop onto a bed and sleep for twelve hours straight. Everytime I get on a plane and reach someplace new still stumbling about drowsily and trying to swallow and keep whatever is inside me from coming out, I will say to myself – that is it, no more planes for me. However, it all changes when I begin to explore and breathe in the sights and sceneries before me – until the day I leave, whereby all those thoughts of making a mess on the plane and being reduced to something akin to a helpless toddler will come rushing back to me. Once again, I will then smell heavily of medicated oil or minyak angin, pop in two pills and try to drift off to sleep – to no avail, though.

Ironically, the trip back home is always the most bearable. Perhaps it is the bright prospect of going home after being away for a period of time.

I was really impressed by the efficiency and manners of the salespeople in that country. Whenever you step into a shop, you will be greeted by courteous welcome and a quick goodbye while leaving. They would let you take your time to decide on your potential purchases, offering helpful suggestions every now and then. In short, they know what they are doing. And it was either a coincidence or something else – I noticed that the people whose jobs will have to come in contact with the public (salespeople, receptionists, cashiers) are all quite uh, good-looking. Yep.

It is not the same case locally, though. The moment you enter a shop here in Malaysia, you will be immediately tailed by a cautious and quiet salesgirl, watching you like a hawk, who looked as if she was attempting to catch you getting away with goods, red-handed. I get uncomfortable easily, being scrutinised and treated like a shadowy thief. Cashiers do not even care to mutter a quick thank-you. A couple from Qatar was rudely shouted at when they approached a guard for assistance in the airport.

There is really nothing to shout about of our local airport, despite its claims to be an airport within a forest, and vice versa, and goodness knows what else – if the people are not helpful nor courteous enough. There has been so many cases and complaints of passengers getting their baggages late, or worse still – having their bags lost. Upon our arrival in the other country, we realised to our horror, that one of our bags was roughly tampered with, for the locked zips were broken; fortunately, there was nothing precious or of importance in it – no items were lost. It was only fair to put the blame on the Malaysian airport, since whoever was behind the actions had ample time to mess around with our bags.

But yeah, it really is good to be home again. I am going to go to bed early today, and try to sleep off the dizziness.

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