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You don't know what you want.

You don’t know what you want.

I suppose just about everyone in this world is currently gearing up, or has already absorbed the magical moments and fantasy realm brought to life on the silver screen – the highly anticipated follow-up to the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Hopefully, I will get to watch it tomorrow as well – and not having uncomfortable seats on the second row from the screen, or something. A quick look at the Internet Movie Database had given me a tinge of excitment though, judging from the movie’s 9.4 out of 10 rating.

While heading to Media Production Process class yesterday, I got into the elevator with a friend. There is something to these mechanical man-made machines that tickles me (although I supposedly have this mild phobia of elevators). There were two other people in the elevator as well, and while it was going up, the silence became a bit unbearable – and oddly enough, I was trying to refrain from bursting out with laughter, all the while staring hard at my shoes. Thankfully, the elevator reached our floor just then and I walked out quickly, with a silly grin on my face.

There was nothing wrong with the people in the elevator. It is just that I find it amusing that elevators seem to be a quick refuge of silence. There will be hardly any conversation going on, everyone seems to automatically zip up their mouths and the only sounds heard is the soft humming of the elevator going up, or down. The elevators in my university is not equipped with music, though – wonder if that would be considered a good, or bad thing. Could there be somehow elevator etiquette? Speaking of which, I totally detest a handful of people who would storm into the elevator before letting the people already inside it from going out.

Anyhow, Media Production Process seems to be an interesting subject – but I can easily foresee more hard work, sleepless nights, and busy weekends. We are given three choices for our project: music video, documentary, or digital poetry. A lecturer was explaining the various concepts in music videos and I always have this unwarranted perception that Malays tend to be not very well-informed in terms of entertainment – I do not know why. However, this lecturer proved me wrong when he showed us a thick book on music videos, and I marvelled at its contents, and the bands featured in it. Before that, he had already mentioned about creative concepts in music videos, citing Coldplay’s The Scientist ‘reverse story-telling’ video, and The Matrix’s bullet-time scenes as examples. Something just went snap inside me – fancy having two things I love being mentioned within a period of ten seconds. I still could not make up my mind if I will look forward to producing our very own three-minute footage.

Oh well, at least I am satisfied with the grade I received for last trimester’s photography subject. After all those bitchings on the lecturer, rejected work, time, money and efforts spent – I guess it was all worth it.

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