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Ever feel like just throwing everything away?

Ever feel like just throwing everything away?

You settle down on one of the chairs of a roadside stall (better known as mamaks locally, anyway), then savouring a plate of nasi lemak. Suddenly you hear a pitiful mew from under the table, and notice two bright green eyes staring back at you. The cat sits up straight, and mews again, asking for a tiny share of your fried chicken. Should you gave it a bit of greens, a whole chunk of meat, or just the bones – perhaps, all three?

I tossed a few bones with its meat still intact to the cat, though. It devoured the food I gave, but made quite a mess on the tiled floor in the Indian stall I was dining at. The cat still asked for more, although I had finished my food – and it made me feel a bit guilty. But then again, I feel that too, whenever I uncomfortably walked past humans sitting on the hard ground, holding out a dirty cup filled with only a few coins.

Does it not hurt to know that you can help only a few; that you cannot help all? Yes, I do not don black leather and jump all over the city, with my guns in handy, attempting to save the innocent, to see good triumph over evil. But neither do superheroes get to extend their assistance to every single creature living on this planet.

On another note, we hear all those cheerful and happy songs on the radio, television, shopping malls, others’ cellphones.. just about everywhere. I treat it as just another public holiday, however. At least they are still bearable to my ears. I know I will cringe when the sounds of loud cymbals and children singing merrily to mandarin songs drift to my ears next. Chinese New Year is still two months away – already I notice a few advertisments with lion dances on the television already – not to mention the inclusion of yee sang in Chinese restaurant menus.

Everyone wants to be the first. It is always a race, this life. Yes.

I think Rantglass is now on semi-hiatus.

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