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Rockin', rockin'.

Rockin’, rockin’.

This idea of producing our own music video is beginning to take a different turn which makes me question a move I made almost a month ago. Before leaving for my trimester break, I had simply blurted out to my roommate to consider me as a member of her group. It never did occur to me that I would eventually feel uncomfortable about the whole situation, like I do now. Yes, I believe my group members will do the work each of us has been assigned to. But I did not exactly join in the enthusiasm when they nearly agree on doing a music video on.. horrors of horrors, a local Hokkien song.

In the first place, I do not understand the language. Listening to the singer belting out his words with something akin to the speed of Barenaked LadiesOne Week, I was left completely speechless and with a bewildered look on my face while my other members were laughing hysterically at the supposed humour in its lyrics. I heaved a sigh of relief when they said they would consider the other songs I have suggested earlier. So they have not really decided on that particular crazy Hokkien song yet. Phew.

It has turned out to be a blessing in disguise though, having to pick only locally produced songs for our music video. Although local mp3s are scarce on the net, I have been listening to a few bands that will get its chance to be included as one of my favourites. Prior to this, I have been trying out only Damn Dirty Apes though. I kept asking myself, why have I not listened to them before? Was it a biased and unwarranted perception I have on the local music industry? Or was it because they did not really make it big here in Malaysia? Should they not deserve more attention, publicity, and support – especially from the locals itself? Or is it just me who is neglecting the local music industry?

Next step, to go out and search for the local band’s album. As far as I know, I have not seen any Love Me Butch, or Butterfingers album on the racks of a music store before this. Perhaps I did not try harder back then.

However, my group members are more inclined to pick songs from hip-hop duo Too Phat, R&B group Innuendo and perhaps a dash of Poetic Ammo. Our music interests differ so much, I feel like I am treading on uneven ground. What started out as a fun project could turn out to be an eye-opening experience, yes – and definitely with its share of ups and downs – which I am beginning to fear much of the latter.

All this has fueled my desire to go to the Rock the World III – The Malaysian Invasion gig this week. Anyone heading there as well?

This is going to be a challenge. But do excuse me while I return to the battlefields in Age of Empires. Fabulous graphics in Warcraft III – although Prince Arthas is one vain prince.

On air now: The Protector, Love Me Butch (Enter Posthuman)

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