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What, you're feeling high already?

What, you’re feeling high already?

Seven hours left – until we begin to write a ‘2003’ in the date on cheques and thick notebooks. The current calendar hanging on the wall can be thrown away after tonight; a new one sitting comfortably beside it, waiting to throw the former off its throne, taking over its reign – where it had been sitting for one whole year. When the hand of a clock strucks midnight in Malaysia, people on the other side of the world are just waking up to a New Year’s Eve. When the hand of a clock strucks midnight in Malaysia, the Japanese have already celebrated New Year and might be still partying the night away.

Who are we to decide that January 1st would be a new year? It is just another ordinary day – except that it is meant to symbolise the start of a new year – after all, rules are made by humans, for humans. Perhaps it was another attempt at having a public holiday. However, since we have decided that a year must consist of 365 days, with a leap year made up of 366 days, we might as well make the best out of it.

And this is the one day where all the memories of 2002 will come rushing back into our minds. What we had achieved, what we had done – all within a period of one year. A moment for reminisces, reviews, recollections. Change? Difference? Similarities? Bitterness?

Of course, this will also be the one of those days where the streets will be thronged with humans wearing party hats, blowing odd-sounding whistles, partying the whole night away. Parties, gatherings, dances, gigs, and traffic jams at every inch of the city. No one will not blame you when you moan for the fifth time that another year has just flew past – although you had said the same, exact words the year before. And before that.

I have never made any resolutions, and I never will.

Welcome, 2003. Be good.

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