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Wonder, ponder.

Wonder, ponder.

So it is already the start of a new year. I was thinking hard, and trying hard to reflect on the productive things I have done during the past year. Other than the torturous assignments I had, I guess my best achievement for 2002 was the creation of Rantglass. What a long way it has been since then, searching desperately for a good host, getting to know new friends, gasping at the amount of bloggers from my university, and well, Blog: The Gathering. Bittersweet memories, this. New year’s eve was not very nice. Sigh.

On another note, I was rather surprised to hear of some hypocritical comments from a parent of two – a shy young girl and a rather playful boy – when she was enrolling her children to a music school. The woman had sat down, sipping tea, while having a brief conversation with the music teacher.

“I don’t want my girl to be too addicted to the piano, I want her to concentrate more on her studies,” was what the woman had said. She then proceeded to add that she was already being open-minded by sending her children for piano classes – but she did not want the girl, who had remain adamant and had always wanted to have a go at learning to play the piano, to be a singer or a musician. The music teacher had to reply by saying no, the child would not be so connected to the piano easily. This, from one who has been teaching music since the past twelve years – and I agreed with her statement – because yours truly eventually did lose interest on playing the piano.

I have not encountered anyone sharing the same perception as the parent’s. So, kids, next time refrain from playing a game of catch while masquerading as a cop and a thief – just in case one of you will grow up to be a cunning thief. While we are at that, do not play with toy cars too – lest you would end up as a maniac driver one day – and stuff your dreams on getting into the Formula One elsewhere, boy. In fact, do not even bother thinking of taking out your masak-masak (make-believe cooking utensils), I do not want you to grow up and spill oil on yourself while cooking in some restaurant. Here is a Tamagotchi for you – there are no potential jobs for a Tamagotchi babysitter, no?

This is simply another case of what parents want their children to be – not what the children choose to be, later in life, when they become adults and start exploring the world on their own. Naturally, of course, parents would want the best for their children. But discouraging them to learn something as beneficial as music, trying to divert their interest – just because she was afraid that her child would end up playing the piano twenty four hours a day and neglecting her studies? I think not.

Okay, no more Flash layouts in the future. Hmph.

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