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It’s easy to understand, but easier to be misunderstood.

The yellow moth was stuck fast to the left sideview mirror as the car slowly reversed out of the compound. It did not obstruct the view of the driver’s, though. As the car eased towards the highway, the yellow moth was seen wriggling precariously, the wind adamant in blowing it off. As I watched on with savage interest, a thin, hairy leg became unattached from the mirror. Slowly, the other legs began to come off the mirror, one by one – until the yellow moth could not find strength to hold it any longer. It was eventually blown off. Probably it found its wings in the end and flew off to safety. Or found its end on the windshield of the car behind.

Somehow, I have this uncomfortable feeling that the coming week will not be a very good one for me.

Just like the naggy feeling I had last week. I was supposed to attend a photoshoot session on a Saturday – and it meant having to stay on campus for another 72 hours. However, the photoshoot session eventually got cancelled and we were only informed about it on Friday evening. I do not have any Friday classes, and was terribly bored on that particular day. As soon as I received the news, I pretty much hit the roof at the thought of spending another day on campus, doing nothing productive, waiting for a Saturday. To do the mathematics, almost 36 hours spent unnecessarily, where it would take only about 1 hour for the photoshoot session, and a quick 0.001 second for me to digest the bad news and go berserk almost immediately after that.

But see, that was because I managed to get rid of a green beetle that had somehow crawled into my pillow on Thursday night.

There is not something called entomomancy, right?

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