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2003 is definitely going to be a great year for movies. If only I can bloody download the teaser trailer to Kill Bill – although I have been trying unsuccessfully to watch it since yesterday. Countdown: Four months to go until The Matrix: Reloaded is out. It is near.

Aha. The school holidays have come to an end. Most of the school children have begun to either skip their way back to school and meet their friends again after a three-month long break; or drag themselves and a whole horde of other books – and perhaps a laptop to supposedly keep up with the modern era and changes of a smart school – to this one place where they will endure another round of grilling and hard work for another year.

Instead of being like any other normal high school which ends its session at 1pm to cater for students from the afternoon session, my school had only one session – and it ran from 7.45am until 2.00pm. The morning assembly, the extra-curricular activities which most of us were practically forced to enter, weekly spotchecks on fingernails and hair (whereby the disciplinary teacher may turn barber for a day). Then, the school, out of the blue, was selected to go on a trial run as one of those Sekolah Bestari – or Smart School, extending study hours until 3.30pm.

Sometimes it is quite odd to see the school being mentioned in the papers after the announcement of public examination results. You will then read statements from the headmistress, declaring on the success of the ‘recipe’ to help the students achieve desirable results. The pictures of two boys waving their examination results slips in ecstasy accompanied with the article will make you stare at it for a moment, and then you recognised it as a particular area of your school.

Back then, school already seemed hellish to me. Now that they have included multimedia software and laptops, switched to teaching a few subjects in English after nearly three decades doing it all in Malay, and implemented the National Service, I still wonder.

Are we moving towards the right direction? Am I considered as one of their ‘successful’ products as well?

Anyhow, I skipped a meeting earlier, just to help my housemate break into her room. In a way, yeah. She locked herself out, and did not have any spare keys. Could not climb in through the window either, since we are at the highest floor – fourth floor. We tried using mobile phone reload cards, I swiped it through the door like a credit card while smacking and turning the knob, but it still would not budge. Eventually, another solution was proposed – to knock a hammer onto a screwdriver positioned in front of the knob, hoping that the door will be unlocked.

The door knob looks a bit weird now – a bit jagged in its edges. But no one cared. The door was successfully opened. Anyone know of any other way to open a locked door without its key?

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