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To be fair, and kind.

To be fair, and kind. Only to be harsh, and cruel.

“Trust the government to aim high and come up with a mess.”

That was what I heard when I was gearing up for a walk hunt yesterday morning. There were grey clouds overhead, the sun hidden behind it. As it is, it rained the whole morning. I thought it was going to be my first ever treasure hunt – however, our spirits were drenched with the long, continuous drizzle. The hunt was supposed to start at 9am, but the participants were all still found waiting for the flag-off at 11am. Eventually, we got tired of waiting and left, with only a lame t-shirt (and a glaring error on it) as a so-called souvenir. The cause of the delay was not quite known, although we heard only bits and pieces – the datuk who was supposed to do the flag-off was late; the City Hall personnel were not there early enough to close off the roads for the walk hunt; registration was opened only on Friday, which was the day before the event itself.

The key word here is of course, ‘late’. Being locals, we still do not try to prove them wrong – the people who coined the phrase ‘Malaysian time’. How many times have we arrived early for a social occasion or event, only to find ourselves waiting impatiently for another two hours or so? And people still continue to trickle in after that. It happens frequently during lectures as well, although I can understand why the students do so – to skip a full hour of a lecture, only to doze through the other one hour before thankfully signing the attendance list.

Of course, like any other person out there, I could be late for an event myself. At least I do try to be punctual. Not to leave the house at the exact time you were supposed to meet that particular someone. In this case, our wait for the walk hunt was not justified – partly because we got fed up anyway. One of the officers in charge said, “If you are true treasure hunters, you would stay and not leave.” I heard someone retorted in return, “If you are true organisers, you wouldn’t have made us wait.” I still could not make up my mind as to which statement was considered correct. Perhaps there is no right or wrong to both.

I did not realise it has been almost a week since my last post. Am currently experiencing one of those Internet withdrawal symptoms – not because I have a lot of things to address to in real life, but simply because I thought I have had enough of the Internet. Warcraft III dominates most of the time when I am back at home (Age of Mythology during my unenergised state on campus). The thought of getting connected to an ISP and going online does not seem to appeal much to me anymore, regardless of the many emails (which are mostly junk, anyway) in my inbox, and the stale, un-updated state of Rantglass. Which, of course, proves to be quite a worry to me. I fear that one day, it may have to be closed down, not because there is not time for me to write – but due to lack of interest to keep it going. Back then, there were a lot of things to write about. Now, even if I do, I do not feel the energy to share it online. Of course, the other reason being I lead a rather boring and monotonous life. This, I shall not deny.

I need an inspiration.

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