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Media moguls and business tycoons.

Media moguls and business tycoons.

While trying to digest the words the lecturer was throwing at us during one of his droning sessions, suddenly I detected the words “watch Citizen Kane tonight” in it. My ears perked up and I thought to myself, hey – another opportunity to catch a movie which has been rated as one of the best made films of all time. I have always stumbled upon the particular movie while indulging myself in a game of online trivia (I miss those days) and typing ‘Orson Welles’ furiously – although I had no idea who he was – only that he mentioned the unforgettable word, ‘Rosebud’. Excitedly, I asked around, and was relieved to see that quite a number of my friends were game in attending the movie screening later at night.

I was not prepared for the documentary part of the movie, though. It took up two whole hours, and the number of viewers seemed to have lessened dramatically towards the end of the session – and that was even before we were to proceed with the movie – which, was eventually cancelled because no one felt like sitting through it all until 1am. Although I was fascinated with William Randolph Hearst’s tactics in the media industry and Orson Welles’ long, bitter fight, I found myself nearly drifting off to sleep with some of the other students. I had trouble keeping myself awake, and a sore butt was of no help either. I went into the hall expecting to witness a so-called ‘epic’, a movie everyone ranted and raved about – the documentary was not too bad, but I still felt a little shortchanged.

In the end, I did not get what I wanted. But I guess it was still better than nothing.

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