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Up in the highlands.

Up in the highlands.


Is it getting a tad bit overrated? I keep seeing the word ‘blog’ everywhere. I am slightly disturbed at the direction our local blogging world is heading to. Wait: is there a blogging clique that I do not yet see? Is there a grand prize of a cool million bucks if you get the highest number of visitors to your website? Why do I see desperate measures being attempted by people still new to this online activity? Why the need to fit in and be accepted almost immediately?

Sometimes I look through our beloved, one and only local ping aggregator, and I just do not know what to think of it.

Well, I am happy that the numbers are going up. Obviously, more people are jumping on the bandwagon. I usually have a hard time going through the list, which is updated at a tremendous pace. I catch up on my reading in two separate sessions – one during the day, and another at night. Plus, I am terribly selective, reading only those that I follow almost religiously (why, unless you prefer the word ‘stalk’). The aggregator is indeed a useful tool due to its quick speed and frequent refresh rate, and it renders my own links page almost useless. But that is because I do not do bookmarks.

Quantity does not equal quality, however.

The thing is, it is difficult to get hold of hidden gems stashed away in the corners of cyberspace. It is by pure chance that I happened to, hmm, click on a link to a link from another link from my list of links, that I stumbled upon a good read (or two). We do have great writers out there, and I keep forgetting their URLs (and to visit them daily). They may breathe in obscurity and thrive away from the limelight, but they do attract a considerable amount of visitors (until one fine day, you are greeted with a 404 error when visiting their website, having mysteriously vanish without a trace – and they all happen to be females). I miss them; their lives read like award-winning novels in the vein of Sex and the City. Amazing indeed, how mere letters could pull you right into their daily routines, have you absorb each and every word, and share in their happiness over something as trivial as, say, getting the blue, gem-beaded pair of Manalo Blahniks after a feisty row with another Datin. And they have demonstrated great writing abilities that I can only dream of.

No, there is nothing to change. Bloggers come and go, and the Internet is here to stay. For now, I would just prefer to make my time online more worthwhile, than reading about “School today… nothingzz muchhhh… ohh yeahh! i sharpened my Hello Kitty pencil in class but it broke…” The. End. That is like paying one ringgit for a plate of nasi lemak with nothing else but the white rice and a small helping of not-even-spicy-enough sambal.

But it is okay. I think I used to do that, too. I am sure some of my readers (why, all three of you, of course!) can attest to that…

I have learned quite a lot from my three years of writing here online, and hopefully made a small step forward. Maybe the others will, too. Eventually.

(I think I forgot to save the layout I had originally made for this month. Either that, or it just disappeared on its own. Sheesh, and I have not even hit 40.)

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