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Public enemy, that's what I am.

Public enemy, that’s what I am.

Swish. Another week goes by. Or went. A dual meaning, perhaps. I cannot wait for the mid term break to start – which is in two weeks’ time. Another seven weeks, I will then get to choose my major (which I have yet to decide on). Also, if you were wondering on the lack of updates here – I was not dead and brought back to life only yesterday. Just busy finishing Warcraft III, and juggling with a healthy dose of assignments as well. Damn, the final chapter to the game left me feeling frustrated for a while. Shall proceed with an RPG soon.

Random thought(s).

Do you sleep in complete, pitch-black darkness – with no regards to the children fantasies of monsters creeping out from under your bed when you go to sleep at night?

Or with a thin, strand source of light peeking in from beneath the closed door to your room? How about leaving the door wide open, with the bathroom light basking you in the darkness?

Or do you switch on your bedroom light for the whole night to scare the bed monsters and tooth fairies away as well, until the break of dawn when you finally crawl out of your bed to face a new day?

I am not sure, but I thought the comforting light from the bathroom next to my room gave me a sense of security, familiarity. That you do belong, you fit in, during the night, when silence and darkness is most dominant. With the door to my room open, I am actually inviting the light (not to mention mosquitos as well). When dawn breaks, a ray of sunshine will appear – and somehow, I always think it is one beautiful moment to watch the thin ray, with dust, cat fur, and whatnots drifting softly in it. When it comes to blackouts and power trips, I usually have trouble sleeping due to the absence of light, which made me came up with a lot of unwanted imaginations and fantasies, producing a sleepless night. Plush toys seem to take on different, menacing figures altogether. Lights from passing cars will be visibly seen being dragged across the room for a short moment; then plunging me into the darkness again. Perhaps I am too chicken to sleep without any lights on, eh? But then again, each and everyone of us have phobias, and dislike being thrown into situations where we do not feel comfortable in.

Random request: If you think you have got what it takes to act as a uh, singer for a few days (plus points if your world revolves around rap music – that you walk and talk like a rapper; and live in the areas of Kuala Lumpur or Selangor), with a chance to appear in a bunch of amateurs’ music video (!!), drop me a note. Also, if you know of any mural and graffiti art somewhere in the same areas as fore mentioned, send me an email as well.

On air now: Six, Love Me Butch (Enter Posthuman)

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