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No, no and no.

No, no and no.

Rainy days. Black clouds overhead. Lightning strikes. Thunder.

For some reason, it made me recall all those cheesy and kiddy songs we were made to sing in primary school. Something that goes in the line of “Tik tak tik tak hujan dah turun” (Tik tak tik tak the rain is falling) or “Telefon berbunyi ring ring ring, ku angkat, ku tanya, siapa?” (The telephone goes ring ring ring, I pick it up and ask, “Who is it?”). I hate literal translations.

I find it rather amusing (and I know you do, too) that I can still remember a few of these childish Malay songs. Also, a couple or two during my short stints as a scout and a brownie.

Now, they are of no use to me anymore. Unless, of course, if I should choose to venture into the realm of noisy kids and crying children one day – teaching in a kindergarten, or helping out in a nursery – to which it would come about as highly improbable. There is no way I can be found working with them happily. I choose only to observe; and that is what I have been doing most of the time all this while.

Anyhow, we seem to have a new addition to the apartment – a friend of a housemate’s; the latter has had the whole master bedroom with an attached bathroom to herself for almost six months now, and practically owns the whole living room as well – while three others, including myself, vie for a bathroom everyday. I am not sure if it would be permanent, but I have been seeing the new girl around since last week, going in and out frequently – after bringing a big bag full of her belongings over. Just this morning, while walking to the same class together, she commented that I am in my room much too often.

I smiled and replied, that was simply because there was no business for me to be in the living room. Nothing belongs to me there, save for my network cable being plugged into a hub. The only place I belong to while in uni, would be the privacy and comfort of my own room – though it is nothing to shout about, if compared to the ultimate escapade of being at home.

Life is not exactly a bed of roses; neither is it anywhere else.

And yes, rather than grumbling about a housemate, I have other better things to worry about. Like getting a place for A3 size printing, although I heard there is one located at the row of shops (uh.. somewhere near BCB Bank?) opposite Sunway Pyramid. Could someone living nearby the area kindly confirm that for me? If so, I will probably drop by there during the weekend, for I have been spending much of my time hanging around Subang Jaya these days.. and try not to stay confused anymore, but to familiarise myself with its many numbered ‘sections’. SS19? SS18?

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