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Argh, damn. Agent Smith's...

Argh, damn. Agent Smith’s funny quote still sticks to my mind.

“What is your kind of popular music? Name three of your favourite artistes and song titles: maximum 3.”

That was what I read off the big screen in front of us in the lecture hall today. Not quite what you expect to see as a tutorial question. After all, my friend had earlier rushed into the hall and passed my other friend and I a few pieces of paper containing notes from previous lectures – requiring immediate digestion and reading in preparation for the so-called ‘tutorial’ class. As soon as we saw the question on the screen, we went “Whaaaat.. that’s the tutorial question?” and burst into laughter. Heck, this tutorial section was supposed to contribute 10% to our total points for the subject. So I was supposed to put in only 3 song titles and artistes. I, er, somehow ended up putting more than that.. simply because I could not quite make up my mind as to which three I should choose for the answer. And that was only the first question…

Anyhow, it had been a fun lecture and tutorial class. Am not quite sure why – perhaps it is because it involves something of interest. I think it could be the second time in my life I actually considered music as a major, a subject worth studying for in tertiary education – the tutor had apparently studied music during her university days. My first time was when I started taking up piano lessons at a young age – about four, I think. It did not really happen, of course – I stopped the lessons after Grade 5 due to lack of interest and dedication towards the black and white keys and reading off the crochets, bars, staves. It has never crossed my mind that I could venture into the field of music for my studies and career in the future, though.

Would not it be fun to be listening to a wider variety of music and learning its history – in class? It would be, yes, in some way or another – but then again, I am interested in design, but I seem to have trouble getting on with my studies and all. Only a handful of the subjects are considered as interesting (to me, that is). Also, I have had enough of classical music – I personally know of a piano teacher who dislikes music of that particular genre (I had been fed with the perception that all music teachers harbour love for classical music – apparently I was wrong). Not that I totally detest classical music, but… it is just not my type. And so, perhaps I could be made to study the other categories of music I may not necessarily be interested in.

I wonder how it would be to go to class everyday, and listen only to music, learn of its origins, know of more artistes, and check on the power of music and its influences towards society. Probably boring. And fun.

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