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Ho hum, and a little rum to go.

Ho hum, and a little rum to go.

Random observations during the Chinese New Year:

1) Everything just looks so red, and orange. Red. Orange.
2) The roads of Kuala Lumpur seemed so different.. without the heavy traffic.
3) Fireworks heard everywhere and every night – although it has been supposedly banned.
4) Abundance of Chinese movies on the television.
5) Annoying Mandarin music to grace the occasion. Overload. Not very good.
6) A lot of people asking me to eat.. a lot of food stuff.
7) An aunt’s obvious scowl on her face when she gave me an angpow.

Never did like going to reunion dinners. Always had to sit through it all with a stoic expression, producing occasional smiles – although deep inside, I desire to have the whole thing over and done with – as quickly as possible. However, I kept thinking that this new year is different though – due to a new addition to the family. Having a sister-in-law with similar interests certainly helps brighten things up.

Did not do anything much, really – okay, it was not boring, but it was very unproductive. Other than attending dinners, most of my holidays have been spent battling evil (yes, how very cliche) in Neverwinter Nights – and reading up on the continuing journeys and adventures of the truly amazing Drizzt Do’Urden – my unhealthy obssession towards him is unwavering. My assignments have been put aside, and for the first time in my life I feel that I really am procrastinating. Pretty uneasy revelation actually – I believe my friends could attest to that.

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