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Blue Twinkle and a jeweled dagger.

Blue Twinkle and a jeweled dagger.

Finally managed to solve the mystery of the stubborn ball that does not want to roll into the slide of my animation assignment. Simply because I did not made it a passive rigid body.. never mind.

However, I cannot figure out why a portion of the graphic on top of the page would not load, although I have not done any changes to it lately. Perhaps it has been affected by the server downtime yesterday. What is worse, is that I cannot rectify the mistake immediately, for my graphics are stored in the computer back at home. Looks like this page is going to look a bit disfigured until I get back home this weekend. Also, I am rather unhappy by the fact that I have to stay on campus until Saturday, when I could have gone back home this Tuesday itself – no thanks to our video production assignment, I have to stay on for another four days. Arrgh.

Am rather amazed by the surge in the number of local blogs lately – particularly ones from my university. It made me feel a bit insecure though, as if I half expect a fellow blogger to jump right out in front of me while I head to class on a beautiful blue Tuesday sky, shouting ‘Strizzt!’ on top of their lungs. If that were to happen, I cannot make up my mind as to how to react to the situation – should I stare blankly, then walk off nonchalantly, as if my handle was just another new, curious word – or acknowledge the greeting politely, and walked away, leaving me wondering about the identity of the person for the rest of the day.

Sometimes, being anonymous does not seem to be as easy as it seems. There was even one point where I began to ponder if my nickname would attract unnecessary attention, and even thought of ditching it altogether for one that sounds more normal, or easily pronounced. Things have not gotten out of control yet though. I am still able to go about unrecognised, despite having attended a small blog gathering and putting up a picture of myself for that one vanity moment. However, it seems that I have gone a bit too far now.. no way to turn back.

It was a beautiful and sunny blue Monday sky, today.

On air now: Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Smashing Pumpkins

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