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Life, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

Life, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

Was expecting the list of successful applicants for hostel accomodation for the next academic year (May 2003) to be released sometime this week. Was crossing my fingers and hoping to spot my name in the list. Apparently, luck was not by my side. I am now left silently cursing and wondering as to why I did not make it into the list. Of course, holding a position in the student publication board may not necessarily guarantee a year of convenience in uni, but damn – could it be worth it to juggle between heavy assignments and holding important positions in four other clubs, deriving one of a complete social life and rendering sleepless nights? I would say no, but the recipe seemed to worked well with the hostel officers.

Then I realise how much I have changed.

A year ago, I wrote an entry regarding my indecisiveness(!) – or rather, I was being adamant on staying off campus – I was sick of the environment, living right above the noisy food court, with smoke from the food stalls drifting up everyday, going through frequent water shortages and sudden power trips. Now a year later, despite having to climb up and down, to and from my room located on the fifth floor of the university apartments, and to walk at a longer distance to get to the academic buildings, I feel disappointed at not getting a place on campus for next year. It definitely raises a lot of problems, in terms of accomodation, transportation, inconvenience. Friends are already discussing their worries and other alternate places to go to. And here I am, hoping that making an appeal and typing a letter of persuasive words to the officer in charge would solve it all.

A brief exchange of words with my mother regarding the issue had dampen my spirits even more so. I am to immediately look for a room in the nearest apartments possible, with or without a friend – and she would not allow me to stay anyplace else, although I argued with her that the place does not quite look promising now – funny that should come up, for I was supposed to be staying there last year. Ah well.

However, I am still amazed at how much change a person can go through within a period of one year. The thinking, the perception, the mentality. To reason, and to judge. Looks like my initial worries for this week are playing into place.. it is definitely not a good week after all. And to think that my friend just pointed out that I looked like I am in a bad mood…..

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