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I want a paper tiger.

I want a paper tiger.

Producing a music video is not that easy. The days of planning and brainstorming are over. Now, it is time to put things into motion – and for amateurs like my group members and I, we screwed up a lot. Confusion, disappointment, and bad luck reigned today – although not exactly for the whole of eight hours used to shoot the video. Having just returned to my room for a rest, I am now nursing my aching and tired legs after standing for nearly half a day. If anything, I believe I have just got a few shades darker as well, for the sun was not being merciful today. An hour of rain messed things up as well, in particular our shooting schedule, and we had to rush for shelter in front of a closed shop. It was a public holiday, after all…

Well, we were first-timers, and it was my first time working with them in a group. I noticed the uneasy transformation of my group members – from the cool morning air until the great ball of fire set over the horizon – and was a bit disturbed that what I saw of them could be a reflection of my own self. Earlier during the day, we set out with high spirits, talking excitedly as we head to the location of the shoot. Sometime during the afternoon, a few of us began to have bored expressions, sneaking a glance at a timepiece every now and then. When it was nearly time to wrap up, most of us were feeling grumpy and were itching to head home, feeling tired and wanting to do nothing more but have a good night’s rest and fill our empty stomachs.

Shooting resumes tomorrow. I wonder what to make of it. I would really want it to be done with as soon as possible, for the lecturers for other subjects have already begun to brief us on our final assignments. On the other hand, I am beginning to get tired of it all, and wish that I can be swished away into some faraway land, with green pastures, prancing elves and beautiful dragons, where, perhaps, things might look just brighter if I choose not to care…

On air now: Come Back, Foo Fighters

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