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But we weren't alright, not at all.

But we weren’t alright, not at all.

Too many close encounters with lecturers today. While I was walking out of my apartment this morning and meddling with my headphones, a van in front of me slowed down and I noticed the driver grinning at me – and then it hit me that it was the ever fearful Lecturer A, and I could only managed a silly smile as the van went by. Later in class, I as a bit taken aback during today’s lecture as well, for I suddenly find myself answering another lecturer’s question regarding Catch 22. I thought he gave me a look that seemed to imply that I have just nodded off to sleep; therefore he decided to just stare at me when he was asking the question, making me feel uncomfortable inside and proceeded to utter a few words to his satisfaction. Mental note: must not sit at the front rows in the future, it seems to be too near to the lecturer – I should be seated at least five rows away or something, where eye contact will not be that obvious. And I am currently tossing emails back and forth with a tutor, supposedly for an appointment scheduled for Wednesday. It has been happening for the past fifteen minutes and seems to be still going on, for I have just pressed on the ‘send’ button for the fourth mail to her now.

My friends and I are practically sighing over our timetables and the load of work we have been assigned for this trimester. It is at this particular time when all the heavy final assignments come in by the loads, one for each subject. Storyboard for a television commercial. A radio advertisment recording. Posters. Video production. Typography. Then, there is also the accomodation problem for next year to be settled as well. There is simply too many things for me to think and worry about, and this will continue until I finish my studies here in 2005. Or maybe not. Perhaps work life will be worse.

The censorship board has done it again, deprieving us of good movies. Memento and Blade did not make it. Oddly enough, the one movie I did not think would get the axe due to the many advertisments, promotions and ticket giveaways by the media – would be Daredevil. The sponsors are definitely not happy, of course. With supposedly ‘unhealthy elements’, such as fear that kids will blind themselves to achieve a superhuman ability, or that the theme of the movie is ‘focused on the dealings of the secret society’ is a bit.. ridiculous. ‘Lawyer by day, killer by night’ was another silly reason. For goodness sake, Matthew Murdock is fighting crime, not supporting it. In fact, all superheroes do.. perhaps with the exception of the Tick, who seems to mess up every now and then. So movies with heartless baddies from start to finish are considered healthy? Newspaper report here.

If this goes on, I am afraid that the Matrix sequels might suffer the same fate. It never crossed my mind of the possibility that the sequels might be banned here as well, if only two people have not been questioning about it. Ironically, the first movie garnered a U (public) rating. I still do not understand the system of how a small group of officers at the board might choke on their popcorn and make a decision there and then that would involve all movie goers in the country. They are just normal people like you and I – perhaps with not much knowledge in the movie-making industry (except to censor and leave us in the dark of the sudden and abrupt disappearance of a scene) – but what makes them gain an advantage is that they are from the board, they get to see the movies before anyone else in the country does, and they get to decide which movie gets to be shown locally.

Anyone thinking of working in the censorship board?

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