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Yes, yes, I'm quiet, so sue me!

Yes, yes, I’m quiet, so sue me!

It has been a rather tiring and busy weekend. I had been rushing to complete my assignments before (miraculously) setting off to a treasure hunt from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut in Perak. What would you say to being stuck in a moving car for eight and a half hours without getting off – from seven in the morning to four in the evening – with a very confused mind, stomach discomfort, and a sore butt to boot? I am saying confused as in how often my team members and I were baffled at reading the questions and looking through the words available on the shophouses and signboards along a busy road, trying to decipher the meanings and rearrange the letters, looking at other equally stumped treasure hunt participants driving slowly and reversing for a better view of any words in the surrounding areas.

For a first-timer like me, the questions came across as no sense to me at all. Later, when the hunt was over and everyone gathered for dinner to be briefed and explained the answers to all thirty questions, I realised that the game is not that easy – you do not get answers pasted clearly right before your eyes – rather, the words and letters have to be manipulated, joined or subtracted, with synonyms, acronyms, riddles and others all coming into play. Of course, there are also a few which do not seem like a question at all – I mean, it is not everyday you get to see a treasure hunt question with only a ”.” Even with having two frequent treasure hunters in the team, we could not managed to get a prize… but I guess the experience should be well worth it – even with a slight fever at the end of the day.

The only gripe I had was the fact that I had to answer a whole different sort of questions repeatedly during the twenty four hour period. Okay, perhaps a little bit of bonding and getting-to-know-each-other session would be good, but heck – I was getting quite irritated.

“Are you still studying or working?”
“Where do you study? What course are you in? What is your major?”
“How much do you pay for your tuition fees?”
“Do you stay on campus? How much do they charge for your hostel fees?”
“Why are you so quiet?”

Those questions were asked by four different people within the period of twenty four hours, albeit at different times. For a while, I felt silly at replying with the same answers, and it was not really deja vu – because I was silently cursing at the absurdity of the situation. I would answer monosyllabically or utter either a yes or a no, and without any further elaboration. It was like being mildly grilled or going through a never ending interrogation process. But then again, I understand their well-being at attempting conversations with me. Technically, they are my friends, but I just could not warm up and mix with them. I kept my distance from them (I could not think of any reason other than me being anti-social), did not take pictures with them (I ran away at the mere mention of the word ‘photo’), did not play a game of Uno Stacko with them (rather, I chose to concentrate on the football match between Arsenal and Manchester City).

I think more people will be afraid to hang out with me in the future. I have to admit that I felt a little ostracised when they were gathered a few feet away from me, taking pictures of themselves, laughing heartily and giggling over some jokes. But I think I should not be blaming anyone else other than myself for choosing to walk down this path.

For now, the question of the moment would be: “What will you major in next year?”, posted to me by my coursemates. We will be registering our majors tomorrow. I cannot say I am one hundred percent sure of what I am going to choose, but I guess I do have a rough idea of what I should go for. I am just hoping I will not make a big mistake with this one.

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